Home search contact us help links site map uk blood transfusion & tissue transplantation services home welcome to bbt toolkit latest updates diary of educational events   better blood transfusion seminar - 16th march 2007 strictly blood transfusion - 3rd march 2009   managing better blood transfusion   make blood transfusion safer   appropriate use existing national guidance   indications for transfusion red cell transfusions fresh frozen plasma (ffp) platelets prothrombin complex concentrates recombinant factor viia management of haemorrhage abnormal coagulation tests framework for service provision   planned surgery   blood conservation strategy   uk cell salvage action group   transfusion safety in obstetrics   patient and public involvement   monitoring arrangements for bbt   external support for bbt feedback   additional resources   contact list e-learning user survey better blood transfusion toolkit > appropriate use > indications for transfusion    indications for transfusion the decision of when to transfuse and how much to give can be difficult. buy viagra cheap order viagra In general the rule should be to try to avoid transfusion if possible, but if it is necessary, to use sufficient quantities of the right product to achieve the desired effect (usually haemostasis). cheap generic viagra buy generic viagra in india We would encourage you to look also at the handbook for transfusion medicine indications for individual products contents (click an entry for fast navigation to the subject) red cell transfusions fresh frozen plasma (ffp) platelets prothrombin complex concentrates (pcc) recombinant factor viia management of major haemorrhage interpretation of abnormal coagulation tests this page was last reviewed on 27/11/2009   © uk blood transfusion services. purchase generic viagra buy viagra canada Use of this site implies your acceptance of our conditions of use. women like men viagra Disabled car parking spaces: there is no on site parking. where to buy viagra in australia Manchester address plymouth grove manchester m13 9ll tel: 0161 423 4278 map (pdf, 172k) facilities for disabled donors dedicated disabled car parking spaces: yes disabled toilet: yes (main reception) access available to meeting rooms - lift: yes* entrance access - access ramp: yes disabled friendly r. women like men viagra viagra coupon

An Information Specialist

For nearly 20 years, I have been crafting communication solutions for a variety of clients, transforming their complex information sets into clear, actionable deliverables for end users.

What I Do

I am a designer of information spaces. That comprises architecting, writing, and editing, but also project management, process design, and global thinking. I have targeted old-school color press and new-school responsive HTML5, and almost everything in between.

Who I Work For

I have an extensive work history, and I am confident I can work in any industry. However, I have worked the most with clients in the web development, software development, process engineering, and medical device industries.

About Me

I started designing web sites in the 90s while still in school. After working as a technical writer for 4 years, I stepped out to work for myself in 2002. I have been helping clients with increasingly demanding information problems ever since.

brian@wylfing.net | 651-332-9386