An Information Specialist

For nearly 20 years, I have been crafting communication solutions for a variety of clients, transforming their complex information sets into clear, actionable deliverables for end users.

What I Do

I am a designer of information spaces. That comprises architecting, writing, and editing, but also project management, process design, and global thinking. I have targeted old-school color press and new-school responsive HTML5, and almost everything in between.

Who I Work For

I have an extensive work history, and I am confident I can work in any industry. However, I have worked the most with clients in the web development, software development, process engineering, and medical device industries.

About Me

I started designing web sites in the 90s while still in school. After working as a technical writer for 4 years, I stepped out to work for myself in 2002. I have been helping clients with increasingly demanding information problems ever since.

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