/ senior UX pro / writer / team manager / process thinker


A brief history of time

In college I studied both English and French literature and in the meantime sharpened my skills with code and web site development.

  • Wrote, designed, and coded online games.
  • Designed and coded web sites.
  • Composed a thesis on the Cathar religion.
  • Developed a multilingual understanding.



One of the games on which I was a formative developer is still up and running. With the logo I designed, even.



One of the sites I worked on has evolved quite a lot since I worked on it.

How it looked back then
(Yes it's broken on modern browsers)

Early career

After school, I went to work for companies in the industrial measurement and software development industries. At first, I worked through an agency. But shortly I started working for myself.

  • Wrote, designed, and coded company web sites.
  • Led teams of writers, developers, and artists.
  • Managed print and translation vendors.


Software development

At Macromedia, I had the privilege of working on a product way ahead of its time - Sitespring.

Sitespring doc Sitespring QRG

Industrial measurement

At two Emerson companies - Rosemount and Micro Motion - I had the chance to learn publication, release management, and translation.


Late career

Determined to drive further into user experience, I sought out opportunities to build scaleable, data-driven web sites and devices.

  • Live prototypes & A/B testing.
  • Analytics for KPIs and insights.
  • Audience personalization and optimization.
  • Component UI frameworks.



My programming background made creating advanced prototypes in tools like Axure a natural fit.

Scrolling Axure Component


I've developed not only a strong understanding of analytics but an ability to craft custom insights and implement code for tracking new activity.

Adobe Analytics

Component frameworks

Enterprise efforts need a component UI that can scale with development and also support analytics. JavaScript templates, practical code management, and localization best-practices are what make this a success.

UI Development Framework