/ senior UX pro / writer / team manager / process thinker

A brief history of time

In college I studied both English and French literature and in the meantime sharpened my skills with code and web site development.

Early career

After school, I went to work as a writer & project lead at an agency. Pretty shortly, though, I branched out and started working for myself.

Late(r) career

Determined to create the best user experience, I sought out opportunities to build scaleable, responsive, data-driven web sites and devices.


More examples of low-fidelity designs and process diagrams. When talented graphic artists and UI developers are around, this is usually enough.


Some situations, espcially in usability testing, it's necessary to have higher-fidelity work. I really like the Sketch > InVision workflow for these deliverables.


Mobile and tablet design is near and dear to me. Below is the result of a multi-month project to test user responses, gauge their expectations, and design an experience that matched their workflow.


A tablet design for Salesforce to correspond to the mobile one above.