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This is a deprecated blog-experiment. I guess I did what I wanted there, but it wasn't, you know, what I actually wanted. Too serious, or something.

Coronas Hide is where I am posting everything now, including new homes for the horrendously-styled essays below (which are now relinked). I'll get around eventually to all the comments, arguments, and translations.

Reading list
I've had a great many people ask me what kind of "education" I've had. Since they are apparently unwilling to accept that I am an uneducated hack, I offer this list of books that I have read.

The Matrix: Reloaded Explained
Version 2.12
I have meddled with style a bit and added a bunch of editorial comments. I did not bump the rev number because I didn't really revise much of anything. Note: This will redirect to a page on Coronas Hide, but the translations and arguments haven't necessarily moved yet.
Summary of changes: Editorial comments.
Change history: here
Languages: español, Ĩesky, polski, deutch, belorussian
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The Matrix: Revolutions Explained
Verison 1.62
Summary of changes: Most of the weak parts have been beefed up, and general mistakes have been corrected. I wish to express my deep gratitude to everyone who ever emailed me about this essay, because your thoughts have inevitably shaped my writing, and sometimes influenced it very directly. Thank you very, very much. I am supremely gratified to know that people other than myself wish to explore these subjects to their deepest depths. Thank you.
Change history: here
Languages: polski (esej), polski (uwagi)
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